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Body Lotions

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Alter Ego Shimmer - body lotion 300ml

Alter Ego Shimmer body lotion outlines your summer tan and adds a fresh glow to your skin. Would you..


Arome 99 - body lotion 300 ml

Energizing body lotion with fresh-fruity scents? It's Arome 99! A handy 300 ml bottle can keep you ..


Bloom Gold Shimmer - body lotion 300ml

Are you dreaming about excellent moistened skin? Bloom Gold Shimmer Body Lotion is the perfect solut..


Bloom Gold - body lotion 300ml

Are you dreaming about excellent moistened skin? Bloom Gold Body Lotion is the perfect solution for ..


Drama Queen Shimmer 300 ml - body lotion

Meet our novelty in a line of your best-loved Indigo Home SPA body lotions - Drama Queen! Aside from..


Egoista - body lotion 300 ml

Economic bottle is not the only one advantage of the Egoista body lotion. Nurse, nourish, regen..


Femme Fatale - body lotion 300 ml

Daily basic skin care shouldn’t be only a duty but also a pleasure for all of us. Femme Fatal body l..


Indigolicious – body lotion 300 ml

Are you looking for cosmetic with expressive and sensual fragrance? Scented Indigolicious body lotio..


Pop Sugar - body lotion 300 ml

Are you looking for a cosmetic which not only takes care of your body but will also lift your mood a..


Raspberry Love - body lotion 300ml

Now it’s time for something special for fruity experience lovers! Fantastically tasty scented Raspb..


Seventh Heaven - body lotion 300 ml

Are you looking for your private seventh heaven closed and comfy 300 ml bottle? I am sure we have so..


Seventh Heaven Shimmer - body lotion 300ml

Seventh Heaven Shimmer body lotion outlines your summer tan and adds a fresh glow on your skin. Woul..

Body Lotions

Is your skin dry?

Check out Indigo body lotion! Indigo body lotion combines a selected amount of active ingredients along with an overwhelming scents. The holistic knowledge of our experts helps create a cosmetic which takes care of your skin to make it silky smooth, firm and helps to regenerate it. Among all the beauty companies, Indigo is the first and only one that many active ingredients to create high quality cosmetic to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

Beautiful scents - that’s another distinguishing advantage of our body balms!

The unique scents of Indigo body lotions are a result of specially selected notes from our best Indigo perfume line which are also accompanied by sweet and fruity compositions. And that’s not all! Gold Shimmer, Drama Queen Shimmer and Seventh Heaven Shimmer are enriched by glittery particles, which outline your tan and brighten your skin. The special developed formula of our body balms helps them spread easily and absorbs into the skin very quickly but the content of active ingredients improves skin conditions. If you are looking for a body lotion which takes care of you skin by giving you a healthy and youthful appearance as well as the enjoyment of an adorable scent- you just find it! Indigo scented body lotion is a cosmetic which is definitely missing on your shelf! 

What makes Indigo body lotions the best ones?

- Urea - its multiple properties uratedare well known from ages!Thanks to hygroscopic ability has stron moistening effect, which makes your skin smooth and firm;

- Soybean oil - it is a natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids which rebuilds natural protective barrier of the skin. Soybean oil contains high amount of flavonoids, phytosterol, lecithin and vitamin E, which has fabulous effect on the skin;

D-Panthenol - Deeply absorbs into the skin thanks to the soothing and regenerating effect on the skin. It improves epidermal lipid barrier, leaving the skin soft, elastic and effectively moistened;

Vitamin E - Is a well known antioxidant which prevent your skin from aging. Commonly called as „ vitamin of youthfulness” makes your skin looks radiant, smooth and firm;

- Sodium hyaluronate - attracts and constantly combines water molecules which causes well moistened skin and helps the skin cells work properly;

- Aloe extract - Boosts faster regeneration of the skin cells and also has soothing and healing properties. Helps with maintaining proper level of moisture;

Lanolin - It's a very good emulsifier. On the skin surface, it creates the occlusive layer to protect from excessive water evaporation from epiderma as well as moistening and smoothing the skin.