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We Are The Colors Collection

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Bad Icon Gel Polish Contact us

Bad Icon Gel Polish

- Beautiful colours - Amazing adherence properties - Semi-thick consistency – no streaks and product..

Superduper Gel Polish Contact us

Superduper Gel Polish

 Superduper Gel Polish - A funny name, because it’s all about fun.The Superduper hybrid va..

Be My Habibi Gel Polish Contact us

Be My Habibi Gel Polish

 Be My Habibi Gel Polish  - Another polish in the collection created for enthusiasts ..


Bambi Girl Gel Polish

Bambi Girl Gel Polish  - Dedicated to women who are fans of a delicate girlish look.A ligh..


Maybe Baby Gel Polish

Maybe Baby Gel Polish - Enjoy the sweetness of candy pink with no guilty conscience!No limits here. ..


Popstar Gel Polish

Popstar Gel Polish  - Enjoy the sweetness of neon pink with no guilty conscience!No limits..

Figo Fago Gel Polish Contact us

Figo Fago Gel Polish

Figo Fago Gel Polish - Figo Fago is our playful violet with a touch of pink. Lovers of sweet co..

Lazy Daisy Gel Polish Contact us

Lazy Daisy Gel Polish

Lazy Daisy Gel Polish by Natalia Siwiec  - Feel the holiday chill with Lazy Daisy!The perf..


Hedonista Gel Polish

Hedonista Gel Polish  - Release your energy!The expressive hedonist, full of orange energy..


Bombastic Gel Polish

Bombastic Gel Polish - Violet is the colour of 2018 and it will surely not end there.Bombastic ..

Freshmaker Gel Polish Contact us

Freshmaker Gel Polish

Freshmaker Gel Polish  - A fresh combination of bright green with blue. A true summer bree..

Baobab Gel Polish Contact us

Baobab Gel Polish

Baobab Gel Polish- A beautiful emerald shade - the colour for determined, confident women. Are you o..


Eucalyptus Gel Polish

Eucalyptus Gel Polish  - Eucalyptus is a deep-sea shade, very pigmented to give you quick ..


El Capitan Gel Polish

El Capitan Gel Polish  - Unearthly turquoise - for determined fans of colour.  It wil..

We Are The Colors Collection