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Hand Creams

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Bella Vita - hand cream 300 ml

Is hand cream an essential element in your daily care? Have a look at headiness and deep nourish Bel..

Drama Queen - hand cream 300 ml Contact us

Drama Queen - hand cream 300 ml

Is hand cream an essential element in your daily care? Have a look at headiness and deep nourish Dra..

Love Story - hand cream 300 ml Contact us

Love Story - hand cream 300 ml

Does the ideal hand cream even exist? Yes, of course! Love Story nourishes your hands and at the sa..


Matrioshka - hand cream 300 ml

Nourish, moisten and smell wonderfully - This is what describes our scented Matrioshka hand cream! A..


Omnia - hand cream 300 ml

First cosmetic for male group of customers!Is hand cream an essential element in your daily care? Ha..

Raspberry Love - hand cream 300 ml Contact us

Raspberry Love - hand cream 300 ml

Now it’s time for something special for fruity experience lovers! Fantastically tasty scented Raspbe..


Seventh Heaven - hand cream 300ml

Spoil your hands with the lovely Seventh Heaven hand cream. Women have fallen in love with this arom..


Bloom Gold - hand cream 300ml

Are you dreaming about excellent moistened skin? Bloom Gold Hand Cream is the perfect solution for y..

Hand Creams

Rough hands? Indigo hand cream is the perfect solution for you!

Hands are one of the most exposed body parts to external factors such as detergents or weather. Nine carefully selected active ingredients connected with unique scents make Indigo hand creams special! Just like a body lotion, hand creams take care of the skin leaving it soft and silky smooth with a nourished and regenerated feeling. Among all the beauty companies, Indigo is the first and only one that combines many active ingredients to create high quality cosmetics to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

Why you should try Indigo Hands Cream?

The unique scents of Indigo hand creams are a result of specially selected notes from our best Indigo perfume line which are also accompanied by sweet and fruity compositions. Despite of having a thicker consistency than body lotion, our hand cream spreads perfectly and absorbs very quickly while also regenerating your skin via its active ingredients. If you are looking for a cream which deeply nourishes and leaves your hands with a pleasant feeling – you have just found it! Let your well-groomed and smooth hands be your showcase!

Indigo Hand Creams - active ingredients

Shea butter – With rich sources of vitamins A and E – it protects your skin from free radicals, which can cause premature aging of the skin. It deeply nourishes and regenerates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft in touch. Shea butter creates a protective coat from harmful external factors. It also soothes the irritation on top of containing a natural UV factor.

Cocoa seed butter - Included in our cocoa seed butter is oleic acid which nourishes and moistens the skin by regenerating it through its active properties. Thanks to polyphenols presence, the skin conditions are enhanced, and the inflammatory process is suppressed. Tocopherol neutralizes free radical actions and slows down the aging of the skin.

Beeswax - Softens and deeply nourishes the skin. It creates a protective coat on the epidermis surface, therefore protecting it from dryness as well as soothing irritations.

Sweet almond oil - Well known due to its nourishing properties. It leaves the skin elastic, firm and smooth. Sweet almond oil improves the nail condition and regenerates any irritated epidermis.

Allantoin - Eases healing process and soothes as well as softening any irritated skin.

Glycerin – It smoothens and increases elasticity of the skin. It softens hardened epidermis while simultaneously soothing any irritation and chaps. Glycerin helps with active transport into the skin and perfectly nourishes it.

Vitamin E - Is a well-known antioxidant which prevents your skin from aging. Commonly called “vitamin of youth” it makes your skin looks radiant, smooth and firm.

Soybean oil - It is a natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids which rebuilds natural protective barrier of the skin. Soybean oil contains a high number of flavonoids, phytosterol, lecithin and vitamin E which can have fabulous effect on the skin.

Sodium hyaluronate - Attracts and constantly combines water molecules consequently moistening the skin as well as helping the cells work properly.