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Body Butters

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Drama Queen - shea butter 75 ml

One cosmetic but multiple use? Drama Queen scented shea butter guarantees to take care of your ..


Love Story - shea butter 75 ml

One cosmetic but multiple use? Scented shea butter Love Story guarantees to take care of your entire..


Seventh Heaven - shea butter 75 ml

One cosmetic but multiple use? Seventh Heaven scented shea butter guarantees to take care of your en..

Body Butters

Is your skin dry and need special care? Check our Indigo Body Butter!

Combination of natural shea butter nad cocoa butter has a strong regenerative properties. Power of our active ingredients is the reason why our body butters have many of using! Try our Body Butter as a classic body balm, day and night cream, lip balm or hair serum. You can also use them in Japanese Manicure or as a serum for dry cuticle and hands.

What to pick - shea butter or coconut butter?

Indigo shea butter:

- Rich source of sweet almond oil, argan oil, beeswax and coconut oil;

- Has a stronger nourishing, moistening and regenerative properties than coconut butter;

- Creates a protective compress on the skin surface, doesn’t clog pores and lets skin breath;

- Improve skin microcirculation and stimulate skin cells activity;

- Regular using slow down wrinkles creation;

- Is a natural UV filter;

- Protect skin for external factors like wind, cold and sun;

- Prevent from creating stretch marks;

- Speed up healing wounds and also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties;

- It can be used as a hair serum or lip balm.

Indigo coconut butter:

- Increase regeneration of the irritated skin;

- Contain vitamin complex;

- Does’t leave oily layer and perfectly absorb into the skin;

- It can be used as a lip balm and lip gloss;

- Antioxidants slow down aging process, leaving skin elastic and smooth;

- Protect the skin from getting dry, especially after shower;

- Heal the skin after sun exposition.