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Remover 250ml

Remover 250ml
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Remover 250ml

Indigo Remover - is a liquid for gel polish removing.

Dissolves Indigo Gel Polish completely! You do not need to file the top layer - our Remover accelerates the removal of gel polish and is 100% gentle on the natural nail plate.

Directions for use:

- put a cotton pad soaked in the Remover on the nail and then wrap it with aluminum foil,

- wait 8-10 minutes, then gently remove the dissolved gel polish with the pusher,

- if there is a tiny layer on the natural nail plate, you can remove it with a polisher or block.

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  • Model: 4347
  • Weight: 0.57lb
  • Dimensions: 2.25in x 2.25in x 5.25in
Price in reward points: 200

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