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Goodbye Winter Protein Nail Polish 10 ml

Goodbye Winter Protein Nail Polish 10 ml
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Goodbye Winter Protein Nail Polish 10 ml

Properties of classic Protein Nail Polish:

- they contain proteins from jojoba

- very good pigmentation ensures perfect coverage

- provide a long-lasting manicure, without chipping thanks to optimal flexibility

- shiny finish

- the creamy texture makes them spread very well

- ideal for the natural nail plate

Tips for using Indigo classic Protein Nail Polish:

- Before applying the varnish, cover the cleaned and degreased tile with a varnish base to extend the durability of the manicure and not to stain the nail with a colored pigment. Leave to dry.

- Apply the first thin coat of varnish and wait again.

- When applying the second layer, gently press the brush only when you drive under the cuticles. On the remaining surface of the nail, definitely reduce its pressure.

- When the second coat of nail polish dries, apply a glossy top coat to the nail plate. Leave to dry and ... ready!

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