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Indigo silicone pad

Indigo silicone pad
Indigo silicone pad
Indigo silicone pad
Indigo silicone pad
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Indigo silicone pad

Are you looking for a pad that will be elegant and resistant at the same time? Reach for a silicone pad - Indigo Silicone Pad with an embossed logo! You can use it to protect your desk against potential dirt. It is also perfect as a background for photos.

The pad IS resistant to ethanol, methanol, nitrogen, ethylenediamine, isobutanol, boric acid, lactic acid (cold), acetic acid 30%, vinegar, coconut oil, Cleaner, Cleaner Shea, Cleaner Wipe Off, Remover, TYT Monomer, Nail Liquid, cleaner.


Substances to which the pad IS NOT resistant to acetone, ammonia, chlorine, cyclohexane, ethylbenzene, isooctane, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, methane, nitrobenzene, rapeseed oil, solvents, styrene, toluene, bromine water.

Information on material resistance is approximate (given for a temperature of 20⁰C). We advise you to carry out a test before using a given substance.

The pad should be stored horizontally to prevent deformation. In addition, it should not carry heavy objects which may affect the deformation of the material.

Dimensions: 297 x 210 mm, thickness 1 mm

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  • Model: 7057
  • Weight: 0.30lb
  • Dimensions: 29.70cm x 21.00cm x 0.10cm
Price in reward points: 120

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