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Pixel Effect Cinderella

Pixel Effect Cinderella
Pixel Effect Cinderella
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Pixel Effect Cinderella
Pixel Effect Cinderella
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Pixel Effect Cinderella

Cinderella is a special Pixel Effect which will make you feel like a real princess! This Fairy-tale stylization has an incredible spark and I guarantee it will take your breath away! You can apply these Magical particles on any color and the effects will be different every time. Do you have any special occasion? With Cinderella Pixel Effect you will look absolutely stunning!



- perform a classic gel polish, acrylic and gel manicure;

- apply a top coat (Dry Top or Shine On is recommended), then sprinkle some of the Pixel Effect dust;

- cure in the UV or LED lamp;

- with the soft brush remove excess of dust.


- perform a classic gel polish, acrylic or gel manicure;

- cure second color coat and rub the dust into tacky dispersion layer;

- with the soft brush remove excess of dust;

- apply a gel polish top coat on the nail and don’t forget about free edge of the nail;

- cure it in UV or LED lamp.


The Indigo Pixel Effect won’t rub onto the nail?

- the gel polish was cured too long in the lamp or tacky dispersion layer is too weak.

While applying the gel polish top coat the Pixel Effect rolls and stains the top coat?

- the coat of gel polish color was not cured long enough and/or excess of dust was not removed or the layer of effect was too thick.

The effect created a spotty layer?

- the tacky dispersion layer was damage and/or the amount of the effect dust was too small;

Pixel effect gets rubbed off on the edges of the nail?

- the free edge of the nails was not properly protected with gel polish top coat.

The particles “flake off” the nail?

- one of the gel polish color coat or base coat was not cured long enough.

Using recommended Indigo products and attending to a professional technical training in Indigo Gel Polish manicure is the only way to ensure long-lasting manicure with Pixel Effect.

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