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Pedicure Base 7ml

Pedicure Base 7ml
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Pedicure Base 7ml

Pedicure Base is a base dedicated to toenails. The transparent base with a creamy consistency creates a perfectly thin layer that will create a durable styling and protect the tile from mechanical damage.

What makes Pedicure Base so special?

- Smoothes unevenness and at the same time makes the nails stronger.

- Elastic

- It allows you to create a thin and hard layer, thanks to which the styling will be extremely durable

- Made to work with natural tile.

- Has a very good grip

- Resistant to chipping

- Is soluble in Remover

- Convenient in application

How to do french pedicure using Pedicure Base?

1. Wash and dry your feet

2. We disinfect the skin of the feet

3. Remove the cuticles with the last cuticle Cutter No. 9 and remove the adherent membranes from the plate

4. Shorten nails with a 180 gradation file

5. Mat the plate with 100/180 buffer

6. Remove skins with pliers or scissors

7. Degrease the plate with Cleaner

8. Apply the selected Primer

9. Apply a layer of Pedicure Base and cure 30 seconds in the MultiLED lamp

10. We paint the french tip with a thin brush and Mr. color. White and cure in a lamp for 30 seconds.

11. Apply the Tip Top layer and cure 30-60 seconds. When smoothing the surface, it is worth extending the time to 60 seconds.

12. Wait about 5 minutes and apply Shea Elixir to the skins.

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