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Atomic Kitten Cat Eye Gel Brush -20 %

Atomic Kitten Cat Eye Gel Brush

Green or turquoise ? With Atomic Kitten you can have both of them in the same time! It's absolutely ..

$11.00 $8.80

Barbados Gel Polish

Barbados Gel Polish - Colour of the ocean - introduce more exotic to your everyday look.- Beaut..


Bim Bam Bom Gel Polish 7ml

Bim Bam Bom Gel Polish  - When the first buds appear on the trees, it’s time for crazy, en..

Don’t Call Me Ariel Gel Polish -15 % Contact us

Don’t Call Me Ariel Gel Polish

Don’t call Me Ariel Gel Polish - Are you entertained by tales of princesses and the prince on a..

$13.00 $11.05
Elf Gel Polish -15 %

Elf Gel Polish

Elf Gel Polish - Bottle green - slightly ‘fairy-talish’, at the same time extraordinary and ver..

$13.00 $11.05

Emerald Glitter Gel Polish 7ml

Emerald Glitter Gel Polish - This very original polish is bottle green with a lot of brocade.Th..


Everyday Is Christmas Gel Polish

Everyday is Christmas Gel Polish - Deep green immersed in glittering brocade. Keep your fe..


Fly High Gel Polish 7ml

Fly High Gel Polish  - A very saturated green that will happily to introduce you to the sp..


Green Lantern Glitter Gel Polish 7 ml

 Green Lantern Glitter Gel Polish  - Green combined with turquoise and delicate parti..


Heniek Gel Polish

Heniek Gel Polish  - Spring is coming, and all that’s green is here with it!Bottle green i..


Hulahop Gel Polish

Hulahop Gel Polish - Spring! Everything is coming to life. Like delicate green, full of freshne..


I'm The Boss Gel Polish 7ml

I'm The Boss Gel Polish  - Pastel mint is a hybrid polish that every woman should own in h..

Kermit Gel Polish -15 %

Kermit Gel Polish

Kermit Gel Polish - Fun, joyful, crazy, like the Muppet Show frog.  Manicure in a shade of..

$13.00 $11.05
Khaki Gel Polish 7ml -15 %

Khaki Gel Polish 7ml

Khaki Gel Polish  - The colour of khaki, deep earthy green is often associated with milita..

$13.00 $11.05
Mr. Bean Gel Polish 7ml Contact us

Mr. Bean Gel Polish 7ml

 Mr. Bean Gel Polish  - Expressive, but at the same time pastel green is the perfect ..