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Holo Effect Pink

Is the process of styling your nails thrilling for you? Holo Pink Effect will definitely match your ..


Holo Effect Royal Gold

Are you dreaming about nails in the shades of gold? Holo Royal Effect will teleport you directly to ..


Holo Effect Silver

We all know that diamonds are women best friends! Millions of silver particles will transform your c..


Holo Effect Tiffany

Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Almost! You can enjoy a special manicure everyday with this beautiful mint e..


Holo Effect Violet

Do you like dark and deep colors? You will be fascinated by our Holo Violet Effect when you buy this..


Mermaid Effect

Are you dreaming about your nails glittering in the sun? Check out our phenomenal dust which has sto..


Mermaid Effect Black

Do you like darker nail colors? This new magical Mermaid Black Effect was created specifically for y..


Mermaid Effect Black II

You have probably heard more than once how beautiful the Northern Lights are. With our bestseller Bl..


Mermaid Effect Emerald

Must you have an elegant manicure at all times? Meet our breathtaking emerald shade of Mermaid Effec..


Mermaid Effect Neon Green

This eye-catching Neon Green definitely highlights a woman’s bravery! The green and gold particles n..


Mermaid Effect Neon Lila

This eye-catching Neon Lila definitely highlights a woman’s bravery! The violet and gold particles n..


Mermaid Effect Neon Orange

Would you like to have a bit of summer on your nails? This juicy Orange Neon Mermaid Effect is the i..


Mermaid Effect Neon Pink

Sweet like a candy, Pink Neon Mermaid Effect refreshes your nails stylization. Forget about boring n..


Mermaid Effect Neon Yellow

Would you like your nails to be the color of the sun? These gold and yellow particles give your styl..


Mermaid Effect Pastel Pink

Subtle and sweet? This Pastel Pink Mermaid Effect will turn your classic manicure into an absolute s..