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Indigo Nails

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Acid Free Primer 15ml

This product can't be missing in any Nail Salon! Does not matter are you doing acryl, hard gel or ge..


Acid Primer 15ml

Acid Primer - a very strong product that increases the adhesion of the acryl or hard gel to the natu..


Adelaida Gel Polish

Adelaide Gel Polish Delightful, unpredictable like Adelaide. For fans of stronger, slightly dark acc..

Adios Amigos Gel Polish Contact us

Adios Amigos Gel Polish

Adios Amigos Gel Polish - The red fire will heat things up. To cool the senses, we have combine..

Adriatic Gel Polish 7ml Contact us

Adriatic Gel Polish 7ml

Adriatic Gel Polish  - The depth of the ocean, our intense navy blue is a dream colour for..


Alexandria Gel Polish

Alexandria Gel Polish - Burgundy, the classics of elegant nails. Every woman knows that this co..

Aloha Gel Polish 7ml Contact us

Aloha Gel Polish 7ml

Aloha Gel Polish  - Intense pink with a hint of purple is a beautiful proposition for ever..


Anaconda Gel Polish 7 ml

Anaconda Gel Polish  - Deep purple mixed with pink. Beautiful, expressive, original and el..

Aqua Gel Contact us

Aqua Gel

Aqua Gel - Nail art - You can create beautiful decorations with this product. Apply a thin layer of ..


Aquarius Gel Polish 7ml

 Aquarius Gel Polish  - This beautiful, delicate shade is the dream colour for the sp..


Arabella Gel Polish 7ml

Arabella Gel Polish  - Dirty pink beige is a proposition for every season of the year.The ..

Aria Gel Polish  Contact us

Aria Gel Polish 

- Beautiful colours - Amazing adherence properties - Semi-thick consistency – no streaks and product..


Arome 99 - body lotion 300 ml

Energizing body lotion with fresh-fruity scents? It's Arome 99! A handy 300 ml bottle can keep you ..


Arome 99 – Indigo Home SPA Set

Are you looking for a present idea? Indigo Home SPA Set in fruity Arome 99 scent is a perfect soluti..